Judges in Spokane County usually run for election unopposed.  After the primary, there is usually no judicial office left on the general ballot.  One judge told me that the reason they are rarely opposed is that people are so happy with the work they are doing.  I was thinking about all of those judges that I have wanted to vote against but never had the chance.


Judges should not participate in an “old boys and girls” network regarding the courts.  Self endorsements essentially say to those who might be interested in running for a judicial position, “do not dare run against this or that judge, he/she is one of us, you are not.”  The message goes out that it would be politically wrong or worrisome for a person to run against an incumbent judge.  Such endorsements create an incestuous atmosphere at the courthouse.

Consequently, Spokane County Courts are not made up of the highest quality judges.  Many do not pursue excellence and improvement of the judicial system.  Many are mediocre and a burden to the court and the citizens.  Spokane County judges, generally, lack the courage of independent thinking.

Citizens have a right to expect that each judge on the bench be of high character and quality, diversity and experience, competence and purpose, and with a true commitment to the rule of law and due process of law.


Instead of pursuing the rule of law, many judges pursue a simple judgment of power in the exercise of authority.

Too often, judicial decisions are made without a clear basis upon which the decisions rest.  Often, judges make decisions based upon equity, or what they think is right or proper, or even politically expedient.  Decisions are rarely made on a consistent basis based upon the rule of law.

The judges are often oriented toward preservation of the status quo.  The status quo is not the substitute for the rule of law or due process.  The status quo should not be a basis for decision making.

The Spokane County Courts have devolved into a court that parcels out power.  It should aspire to the rule of law and due process of law, become the watchword of the dealings between people and the dealings between people and the institutions that are supposed to serve the needs of the people.


Spokane County does not have a fair and merit-based process by which court commissioners are selected.  The selection process of court commissioners should include a review of each of the candidates for judicial office on the basis of merit.  The merit selection process could encourage and advance qualified candidates for judicial office.


by Robert A Kroboth     WWW.CitizenGadfly.Com

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