We do not live in a democracy.  We live in a carefully controlled republic.  We are not allowed to vote for laws, but only representatives.  Representatives whose campaign funds come from Political Action Committees (PACs).



PACs are the lobbyists of big business and unions.  The contributions to them are unlimited.  The contributions of each PAC to the campaign funds of our so‑called representatives are limited to $10,000.00 for each campaign per candidate, compared to contributions from individuals which are limited to $1,000.00 for the primary election and $1,000.00 for the general election per candidate.  There is no limit to the number of PACs a candidate can accept funds from.  Consequently, businesses and unions can, by contributing to several PACs, give as much financial support as they want to a candidate.  PACs are nothing but legalized bribery.  When 75% to 85% of a candidate’s campaign funds come from outside of the candidate’s home state, where are the allegiances of your representatives?

In 1990, the last year that statistics were made available on PACs by the federal government, there were over 4,000 PACs and the contributions to candidates amounted to over $159 million.  Did they get their money’s worth?  The consumer pays exorbitant prices for medicine, other necessities and mandatory automobile insurance; and is forced to purchase foods with toxic additives.  Think about the jobs that are exported from the United States.

In spite of the pollution and danger to our health, it took twenty‑three years from the time unleaded gasoline first became available until leaded gasoline was taken off the market.  Why?  Because the oil companies with huge stockpiles of lead were not ready to have leaded gasoline outlawed.

The United States is one of only two industrialized countries in the world without a national health plan (socialized insurance, not socialized medicine).  Most citizens want it.  The insurance companies are the only opposition.

Religious and non‑religious private colleges have PACs for obtaining grants, loans and other favors.  And, you thought we had separation of church and state.

The so‑called art world has PACs.  Most citizens do not want to see the garbage that our tax dollars support.

Even foreign governments have PACs.  They have more say in our government than we citizens do.  The United States gives away in excess of $15 billion a year as foreign aid; while at the same time the federal government debt is  That universal economic law of supply and demand comes into effect.  The federal debt, state debts and local debts keep demand for borrowed money high and interest rates high.  High interest rates cause inflation.  Inflation is the tax that makes slaves of the middle class.

2001 January 21   United States Supreme Court decision, ruling that corporations and unions can spend freely from their treasuries to run political ads for or against specific candidates.


by Robert A Kroboth     WWW.CitizenGadfly.Com

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Is life so dear

or peace so sweet

as to be purchased

at the price of

chains and slavery?

Forbid it, Almighty God!

I know not what course

others may take;

but as for me,

give me liberty

or give me death!


Patrick Henry