If only we did not have to be categorized by others as to our political and religious beliefs.  One of the great strengths of this country is its ethnic diversity.  These different ideas, talents and the varying dreams for the future are our power.

United States citizens are tired of liberalism and conservatism.  Yet, most people do not want to be considered moderates or without politics.  Instead, common sense attitudes towards issues.  Do we need a constitutional amendment for the protection of common sense?  Regardless of political affiliations and religious beliefs, the people of the world do have common goals.

Communism and most democracies or republics evolved from tyrannies.  They took different paths.  The U. S. S. R. did not have the Magna Carta and a two tier parliamentary system.  The beginning of the end for their system came when they let “rock and roll” bands into their domain.  They lost a generation of their youth.

The best way for the United States to convert any nation to a free market economy is to trade with them.  Get them addicted to the “Yankee dollar”.


by Robert A. Kroboth     WWW.CitizenGadfly.Com

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