Prior to pilot Gary Francis Powers being shot down over the Sovyet Union on 1960 May 1, the United States had been flying U‑2 reconnaissance missions over the U. S. S. R. for almost four years.  It was suddenly realized that most of the offensive missiles, while in the exact shape and dimensional proportions, were too small in comparison with the real thing.  They were, in actuality, decoys or dummies.  Still, the United States military figured the Sovyets had 375 offensive missiles.

Then, the so-called “Cuban Missile Crisis”.  The Sovyets were, in fact, building missile launch sites in Cuba.  The United States military thought the Sovyets were stupid; because when they dismantled these offensive missiles for shipment upon the decks of their ships, they crated each component so it was easy for the United States to figure what component part was in a crate and how many of each, as all identical component parts were crated identically.

These so-called offensive missile components were being moved on Cuban roads at night, then parked and cunningly camouflaged so that the shapes could still be easily recognized by United States reconnaissance flights during the day.

A blockade was initiated.  Sovyet ships were boarded.  No contraband was found, only commodities.  Negotiations took place.  The United States pulled its offensive missiles out of Turkiye (Turkey), a secret that was kept from United States citizens for twenty-five years.  Two years after the Cuban Dummies Crisis, United States satellite pictures revealed twenty-five offensive missiles in all of the U. S. S. R.


by Robert A Kroboth     WWW.CitizenGadfly.Com

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